Spring is in the air -- at Card's Bakery!!

by Jen 2. March 2012 19:19

Step inside the bakery and you will feel like Spring is upon us! We have lots of great new products that I recently found at The Food Show. This year I have brought in baking accessories, aprons, scoops, recepie books, sprinkles, and cupcake liners to name a few. I taste tested many delicious barbeque sauces, bread dippers and marinades- and thought our customers would love them too!

What I am most excited to introduce this Spring is a new product called "My Favourite Fudge". This fudge has everything going for it- it's creamy and it is beautifully packaged. This would make a great gift or would be a great give away at a wedding or shower. Check out their website http://www.myfavouritefudge.com/www.myfavouritefudge.com/Home.html


We have been carrying "The Garlic Box" products for about a year. Our customers love it as much as I do as it has been flying off the shelf. What is great about these products is that they are easily used in the kitchen by the common cook, and their website has a list of free recipes--simply click on the product you purchased and a variety of great recipes will appear. My personal favorites are: The Garlic Mashed Potato Seasoning, the Super Garlicky Bread Dipper, the Garlic & Mango Dressing and the Maple & Orange Garlic Sauce. A great quality product, made in Ontario. http://thegarlicbox.com/

I now have a beautiful variety of childrens aprons- from cutsie cupcake to whimsical ruffled aprons. Don't worry, I didn't leave the boys out-- I have a selection for them too! These have been a big hit with many Moms.



Custom Cookies: Sugar cookies covered in fondant make an elegant cookie. We can customize to fit your occasion. Here are a few:



Easter:  We have Easter Chocolates made in Ontario, and also tiny individually wrapped Jelly Eggs & Bunnies and many more tasty treats for the kids. And of course, we have been busy baking sugar cookie bunnies and sugar cookie eggs painted in beautiful pastel colours.








Thanks for following my blog and I hope to see you in the shop soon!



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What's in a Name?

by Jen 11. January 2012 19:18

If you have ever been into our bake shop then you have probably come to love one of our most popular dessert squares, which we call “Hello Hudson’s”. Hello Hudson’s are a chewey peanut butter base with a little crunch, topped with a layer of chocolate. A lot of customers enquire as to why we call them Hello Hudsons. It’s a great story that I love telling and I thought it would be one worth posting on our blog.

We had been selling these squares at the bakery for over 20 years, but we previously called them O’Henry Squares, because they tasted much like an O’Henry chocolate bar, but much better! They have always been a top seller. However, in 2005 around the time when I moved the bakery to our current location, I received a letter from a lawyer representing the Hershey Chocolate Company. In the letter the lawyer explained that they had been made aware that we were using the name “O’Henry” for one of our products without the permission or consent of Hershey Canada, and that by doing so it was a Trademark infringement. Theletter went onto say that we had 30 days to stop using the name O’Henry or we would face possible litigation. At first I thought this was some sort of joke someone was playing on me. I mean we were a small little bakery in Kingston; was this really that serious that a corporate lawyer was involved? I wasn’t about to take any chances, so I wisely pulled the name tag off the shelf and realized I would have to rename our favourite square. But I wasn’t sure what to name it as they had always been known as O’Henry Squares.

Shortly after receiving the lawyer’s letter I was sitting down with The Whig- Standard’s Food Columnist Greg Burliuk as he was doing a feature on Card’s Bakery in the Great Gusto section of the paper. During the interview we were chatting and I happened to mention the letter we received from the lawyers at Hershey and explained that we needed to come up with a new name. Greg had a brilliant idea. He knew from our conversation that I had just recently gave birth to a baby boy who was premature and still in the NICU at KGH. Greg asked, “what is the name of your newborn?”, to which I replied Hudson.  Greg thought it would be appropriate to call the square “Hello Hudson"; a way to welcome Hudson into the world. I loved the idea!

Well, it has been almost 7 years since we changed the name of our chocolate square, and I have to say we love the name. My son Hudson will turn 7 in April of this year, and he thinks it is so cool that he has a dessert square named in his honour- he says that he is famous. In a way he is, based on the number of Hello Hudson’s we sell every year. The only problem is that I have two other sons, and they are now jealous that they don’t have anything named after them. The names of my other 2 children are Preston and Spencer- in case anyone has any suggestions of dessert names for them.

Here is a photo of my son Hudson enjoying one of his famous Hello Hudson dessert squares. Come in and try one for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

 Bye for now,



'Tis The Season! Stocking Stuffers, Gifts and Holiday Baking.

by Jen 24. November 2011 18:58

Our elves have been busy working and the shop couldn't look more beautiful! We have a great selection of Chocolates, Jelly Kebobs, Peppermint Hot Chocolate, Candi-cane Enrobed Marshmellows, Preserves from Scotland, Local Jams, Chocolate Fondue Sets, and addorable Children's Aprons and Baking Sets!!! 


Small Cookies $8.99/dozen- chocolate mint, frosted lights, shortbreads, thumbprints, haystacks, holiday balls, and who could forget out festive sugar cookies! 


Shortbreads $8.99/dozen- Traditional whipped with with red or green cherry, white or dark chocolate dipped, snow balls (shortbread dipped in white sprinkles), peppermint sandies (chocolate shortbread dipped in white chocolate and candi-cane), sprinked shortbread in shape of christmas tree, green wreaths, and red poinsettias.


Small Tarts $9.99/dozen- butter, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, coconut raspberry, and of course mincemint for $11.99/dozen.


Our Famous Sticky Buns- $2.50 each or $12 for 6. Place an order for these family favorites if you hope to have them for the Holidays!


Festive Holiday Boxes- We would be happy to box up any cookies of your choice for $2.50 plus the cost of the cookies.



Dessert Trays- Our 20 piece dessert tray has been the best seller year after year, perfect for entertaining, meetings, gifts. 20 piece $14; 40 piece $28.



The Nutcrakcer- This year we improved our best selling 20 piece tray by adding even more festive Holiday cookies and minced meat tarts (these are not included in the 20 piece tray). We call the new addition "The Nutcracker". It comes in 2 sizes- small $20 and large $39. Our goodies are arranged on a black catering tray with a resealable lid, to make entertaining and sharing a breeze!




We would be happy to arrange delivery of any of our Festive dessert trays. Just give us a call 613-544-4448.

And......Don't Forget About Santa........................................

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Card's is Getting Ready for the Holidays!

by Jen 20. November 2011 13:46

We have started to decorate the store for the Holiday season and we are carying many new wonderful products- from candy, jams, fine chocolates and fudge. Many of these products would make wonderful hostess gifts, and most are under $10.

This week we will start making our Famous Christmas Cake, still using Edith's original receipe and technique. We will be introducing new packaging and a few new recepies to compliment our traditional Christmas goodies. Come in and we are sure to get you into the Holiday Spirit.

On Black Friday we will be having complimentary apple cider and shortbreads. Shop Local and enjoy what Downtown Kingston has to offer.

Stay Tuned for more updates!



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